Entry 7: Race Relations

Being that I’m in prison and most movie involving prison have racial themes, I might as well air my thoughts.

It seems society is regressing to a state of absolute control. Conform or die (socially). I always thought freedom of speech was the defensive wall to freedom of thought, but there is a major war targeting freedom of thought. Voicing a contrary opinion to what some hypocritical liar outlined as politically correct will get you lambasted by the frightened but tenacious zealots.

In jail, people have good open conversations about race.

What’s happening in the real world is phony.

My opinion is probably the same as ninety percent of you. Individually, we can be anything. Collectively there are racial and regional tendencies. White and Asian, Hispanic and Black. All have associated traits. Only crazy white liberals and people making money off of them will tell you different. Every time Barrack Obama said, “Let’s celebrate our diversity, I was moved.”

Throughout the millenniums, the differences in how we lived, survived and settled disputes have bred unique qualities and emotions in our genetic memory.

I’m not saying one is better. I’m saying we are different.

If you disagree, you’re either worried about being lambasted, have always lived among a majority of your own kind, are under twenty-four, or incapable of honest assessment.

Do you think men and women are the same?

Equal sure. Similar, yes. But the same?

In prison we drop the pretenses, and though there is interaction among all, the majority of inmates stick to their own. Those who don’t usually find themselves exploited, and then cast into a lonely sea.

In prison there is racism, AKA, the guard who came on shift this morning, but whites get the same treatment from certain guards, so it’s an annoying wash.

In prison, race determines who you walk with on the yard and trade items with. When a particular inmate is serving food, my portions are half that of my African American neighbors, but I don’t mind. Little jabs like that will always exist.

Looking around the yard, I see the Aryan Brotherhood walking together. In Michigan, their numbers are so few and they’re so outnumbered and alienated I find myself wishing them luck.

There are Moabites, an Islamic organization. They are easy to spot cliquing up. They sport neatly trimmed beards, prefer bald heads, and wear stocking caps rolled a certain way. Let me state they are not a violent gang, nor racist, for if I said such dribble, I would be stabbed.

I see some Mexican Mob members looking tranquilo, which I hope means chill.

If I could pick a race, I’d be Hispanic. You’re welcomed to life by a large family, your mother always pushes food into atop your plate and into your hand, and you’re born bilingual!

When I think about the people I must endure over the next few years, I hope to find inmates who want to read, write, and discuss the principles of conflict, plot, and character, regardless of race.

Side note: if you want to read a horrible account of racism in the U.S., read an article by Ho Chi Minh about a lynching during his visit (See Link). I’ll recap, remembering I haven’t read this since my teenage years.

A man was lynched for a crime. The town abused him through town. A long, slow process that Ho Chi Minh observed with detachment. During this chaos, there was a woman in the frenzied crowd who didn’t seem to share in their anger. She padded along the outer edge. The victim continually sought her out and pleaded with her to save him. The town tied the man to a tree, and the woman stepped forward. Gradually, the screaming and cursing and abuse subsided. Perhaps this woman had some authority unknown to Ho Chi Minh. The man noticed her approached and was overcome with relief. He kept thanking her and telling her he was sorry. When she reached him, she removed a pair of scissors from her smock, pulled his lips, and then cut them off.

No wonder Ho Chi Minh commanded his soldiers to never surrender.

That is racism. What people label racism today is disgraceful to those who actually suffered. Racism is dead in America. People will judge you for skin color, sure, but also for your weight, age, height, teeth, hair, vocabulary, and that’s fine. You should use that initial surge of information to make a base assumption. The good news, NO, the EVIDENCE that racism is dead is anyone can win anyone over within 30 seconds. We have reached MLKs dream. We judge by character, and that’s just common sense. 

See you tomorrow.

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