Entry 10: Hard Evidence these were written in prison

Hard evidence this was written in prison.

Previously, on the tenth posts, I inserted something different. I will continue this with updates about my current situation. Perhaps, after the first twenty five posts are up and you have a nice feel for the writing, I will insert a “live update” on every fifth post. Maybe I will start with my release, the struggles, and go from there. Who knows.

First I’ll answer the main questions I get: how accurate are these? Was this written in prison? How much to you embellish? They are 100% accurate. I wrote things as they were. With post five I had to wonder myself, but I know I only wrote what happened as I saw it, so I trusted even that wild entry.
With this entry, I’m asking you to help me and this blog. My life is progressing. On a chart, I got released and went up, hit a few snags of depression and loss, but rebounded. As a convict, my gains come from innovation (meaning there is no opportunity), doing quality work, and going the extra inch in everything I do. That said, my money is low.

I will place these journal entries on Amazon. If you want to read more than what is provided on the site, all 600k words will be on Amazon as soon as possible. Amazon ranks how people see writing based on reviews. If you’d like to read more and support me, click this link and enjoy. Diary of a US Prisoner.
Donations help in the most direct way. I will prove worthy of any hand up I receive. I need basic things. (My vacuum cleaner has no handle. To vacuum, I get on my knees and push it by the base with two hands. Real talk). 

I also want things. (A nice TV to enjoy all the shows I missed, a couch that doesn’t sag to the carpet when I sit.) Not ready to donation? No problem. There are free methods that require seconds of your time:


1. LIKE the FACEBOOK page, Share my posts when you feel up to it.

2. Follow the TWITTER account, retweet when you feel up to it.

3. If you like to type, I could use help typing these entries. I have over 300. Once I get them typed, I will put in print form (50 entries at a time), and put as ebooks (20 at a time) on Amazon. Email me if you’re willing to type a few out. diaryofprisonerx@gmail.com

4. Click on the links. I don’t get paid for them, but Google will give me “credibility” rankings for every link that gets clicked.

5. Leave comments when something strikes you. (this is big and seemingly being overlooked)

6. Register your email. It’s at the bottom of every post. You will get a notification and the emails are easy to read from any phone.

7. Leave me a review on Amazon. (Buying the ebook makes it a “verified review” which is multiples more credible through Amazon’s algorithm. But reviews are HUGE. Please leave me one.

8. Reddit upvotes. and comments

9. Donate through Paypal. If Venmo or any other, let me know and I will attach it. 

I’m concerned the paypal doesn’t work. Fifty-nine people have clicked the donate link, yet there have been zero donations. We will need some love to keep going. And if you tried and paypal is giving you issues, please let me know.

That‘s it. Take a few seconds or a few minutes and work through this list. Do what you can/are willing to, and help me. You’ll be a bona-fide contributing member, make my day, and possibly help me improve my life.

Regardless, I hope to see you at the next post.

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  1. I have been to prison as well. I am a female who went in a drug addiction who broke the paw to obtain more drugs,came out with a perspective I never knew existed and sure wish I didn’t have.


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