Entry 12: Inmates Die

According to a guard, three people have died at quarantine this week.

I recall watching an ambulance race across the yard while I ate breakfast. At the time, it hardly registered that there was an ambulance doing forty miles an hour over rough, grassy terrain with its flashers on.

Now I have to wonder: can a person become desensitized this quickly?

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  1. I’m sorry I cannot afford either book now. But I am enjoying reading so far. The part that interested me most was your life as a child into teenager. My husband did 10 years flat and then went back for 2 more. So ive heard alot about his prison time too. It’s a different world. So thank you for.sharing your story and letting some of us that cant afford to buy it read for free. I wish u the best of luck. And thank you again for sharing your truth. Its very interesting. I hope you are doing good now that you are out.


  2. I went to Amazon and purchased both of the ebooks because after reading the first 10 entries, I knew I wanted to know the rest of the story! I have a short attention span, BUT, I can spend hours reading when it captivates, and this story does just that!


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