Entry 13: The Value of Time

After Jeffrey Dahmer’s mother learned her son confessed to having raped and mutilated several men, she said, “Deep down, my son is a good person.” I won’t call her a liar, but I will ask, how deep do we have to dig? And at what depth can we say we’ve dug too far to find the “good?”


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  1. So I came across this on Facebook I said I will read it and give it a shot well here I am still reading u are absolutely amazing in your blogging thank you for sharing I can not stop reading it!!! KEEP UP THA AMAZING WRITING!!!


  2. Fascinating! I live in Oklahoma where we incarcerate more people than any other place on earth. What you are doing is important and you do it well. I started and abandoned several blogs last year after my daughter was killed in a tragic accident on the turnpike. Trauma has a way of revealing gifts that were never worth the price but if we use them well we may be able to help others and heal ourselves a little. Writing about my loss is a way to sort through questions and seek answers from the universe. I hope that writing provides some comfort and healing for yourself. I am sure it will illuminate arbitrary punishments handed out by an unjust system. I’ll do what I can to share your story.


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