Entry 1: The man behind the number

Not my best picture, I promise

What follows is a diary I wrote in prison. It was written anonymous to protect me while I was inside. I had hoped to keep it anonymous to continue protecting me. Maybe I kept it anonymous because I’m not doing as well as I had hoped since my release, or maybe it’s because I want to move past that part of my life.
My name is Kyle Skinner, #812699. I did five years in prison for possession of a controlled substance and two, near back to back, DUIs (one was a super drunk).
I’ve been out a couple of years and I have no interest in crime, which is the greatest feeling in the world. I still love the people who hurt me and who want nothing to do with me, which weighs on me, but I respect their decision. I’ve made many mistakes.
Retyping these blog entries has unleashed a dormant motivation to climb up from poverty and pursue happiness. I’m unsure that’s possible.
Do me the honor of reading my first entry. If it affects you, register your email and stay with me.
Prison is a unique world of loneliness and violence and mistreatment. I was tapped into something special while there. I’ve lost part of that but believe this blog can give it back to me. I believe if you will read one entry, we will connect. I believe that connection will work like a prayer and encourage me to get back in the game of life. I feel once I’m back in the game of life, I’ll be as whole as I can.
Thank you for this opportunity. I hope you enjoy.

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  1. Thank you for sharing your experience. I myself did only a year. But a year was enough of my life wasted. You got this. God bless. Good luck


  2. Thank you for sharing your story!! I did 7 years myself, but was never brave enough to talk about it. I have been free 13 years and still come across negativity and judgment. I look forward to reading more!!


  3. My brother died behind bars. Im sure it wasnt his heart either.
    I just started reading your daily blog and i find it so interesting. I had to bookmark it so i can keep reading it later.

    I hope you are doing well after your release.


  4. how are you? where are you? are you out? just came across this on FB. look forward to your messages bro. keep your head up always!!


  5. This is awesome for you to show us a glimpse of what you are battling. Sharing with people can help you heal. I wish you the best, good vibes and positive thoughts. I will keep reading. Thank you!


  6. It is good to see your writing back online. I look forwad to rereading and reading more. I hope the world has been kind to you after your release.


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