Entry 2: Riding Out to Prison

They took a good photo of a horrible place.

As we waited, some men boasted of previous visits, others recognized one another from time they’ve done together years ago. They asked each other how long they had been out, rather than what brought them back in. They talked about how they would never go back, long before we ever arrived.

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  1. I have literally read the first 16 entries all in one sitting. Good shit! Is it possible to read further, entry 17 and up, without creating an Amazon acct and just reading them here??

    Can you give a bried update? Are you still in Michigan? Hows life now that you are out?


  2. I served 5 years as well for attempted murder that was dropped to conspiracy to commit kidnapping and tampering with physical evidence. A pedophile threatened to rape my girls. Best time I served!!!!


    1. Am also commenting just to get email notifications. Looking forward to new posts! I guess it isn’t like Shawshank Redemption.


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